A client of CA Mining is seeking a Senior Mine Engineer to manage and lead on all short term planning onsite located in West Africa.

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  senior mine engineer

Senior Mine Engineer Responsibilities

The Senior Mine Engineer will need to execute 3D mine designs for the extraction of iron ore to achieve production targets, gaining a thorough understanding of the ore body in order to optimise extraction and processing at all times. You will need to develop the overall mine plan and the starting production plan of the Mine Services Contract. The Senior Mine Engineer will be obligated to review, reconcile and approve end-of-month quantities invoiced by mine contractor. Other responsibilities include:

  • Managing iron ore grade levels in the ore body and blend to the process plant;
  • Reviewing all existing mine planning reports in the feasibility study.
  • Preparing short mine plans (year, quarter, month, weekly) to ensure adequate levels of ore inventory, adequate grades and distribution sizes to feed the plant and achieve yearly and monthly production targets.
  • Deliver monthly/weekly mine plans to the mine contractor, taking into account contractors fleet availability and mine/production constraints;
  • Ensure short-term mine plans include inputs from the plant operation as well from the mine contractor to assure that all the actors (mine planning, contractor, plant operations) define and sign-off achievable monthly/weekly targets and be respectively accounted for
  • Coordinate and participate actively on daily production meetings to define targets for mining contractor and review daily production results, discuss and define preventive and corrective actions to achieve production targets.
  • Develop and coordinate the issue of yearly/monthly/daily mine production reports.
  • Build-up and issue of yearly/monthly mine budgets.
  • Reconcile budget versus actual’s and propose actions to mitigate risks and maximise mine production throughput.
  • Overseeing the geo-technical development of the pit in terms of maximising the overall pit slop angle including water depressurisation boreholes and pre-split drilling as necessary.
  • Define short-term sampling requirements (areas requiring sampling and/or geological mapping) to minimise production risks (lack of ore inventory, inadequate iron ore grades and size distribution) and maximise overall results.
  • Utilising mine planning expertise in order to assist in optimising all mining costs.
  • Coach, mentor and develop local engineers and mine technicians enabling the company to increase the amount of local skilled personnel to achieve localization Plan targets.
  • Reporting to the Technical Services Manager.

SEND YOUR CV TO nicky@camining.com 

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