Q-KON has been chosen as the favoured supplier of connectivity services to Allana Potash Afar PLC, an Ethiopian subsidiary of a Canadian Company dedicated to the global acquisition of potash assets and relevant franchises. Q-KON will provide dependable satellite communications from its IBS C-Band Satellite Access Platform to Dallol, Ethiopia to an exploration site.

This service will make sure that the exploration location is able to leverage off a trustworthy VSAT link that can grow to a High Availability High Capacity (H-2) link for future mine growth and operation resulting in the creation of two-way IP communication.

Q-KON appears to be the perfect partner; the connectivity services provider has vast knowledge and experience in the provision of connectivity and wireless infrastructure services, not just for Africa but for the global mining sector.

According to BiztechAfrica Q-KON operates above 1000Mbps from 3 teleports integrating 4 technologies over 5 satellites using 7 different technologies and supporting services to more than 1000 distant sites, combined with engineering expertise. This mining venture’s Ethiopian project comprises four potash concessions, the Dallol Potash Project located in Ethiopia’s North – Eastern Danakil Depression totalling approximately 312 square kilometres.

Q-KON represents world-leading technology manufacturers and applies these competitive products to develop and implement unique value propositions for the African market. The company focuses on technology application in order to unlock specific competitive advantages for customers and to ensure their long-term growth in the African market. Mining is known to be a prime factor for growth throughout the African market, one that is responsible for job creation and economic growth. Executive management at the Allana Potash Ethiopia Project have praised Q-KON for its expertise, its quality of service and level of professionalism.