Phosphate Mine Job Recruitment

CA Mining has 15 years of experience and expertise in phosphate mining recruitment in Africa and mobilises staff for global companies’ phosphate mining projects. The African phosphate mining industry requires highly skilled locals, diaspora, and expatriates for jobs in various countries. Visit Mining Recruitment’s Africa Jobs portal to view recent Phosphate Mining Jobs in Africa ranging from mid to high-level positions.

Phosphate rock is mined all over Africa, but the continent’s biggest reserves lie in Morocco and the Moroccan-held part of the Western Sahara. These are not only the largest phosphate deposits in Africa but in the world, accounting for 70% of global reserves. However, Morocco only comes in as the second-biggest producer of phosphate in the world, with China being the top producer. Egypt is the second-largest African producer.

Phosphate is a naturally occurring mineral that is an ester or salt of phosphoric acid. The most economic way to source phosphate is by mining for phosphate rock. Most phosphate rock that is mined globally is used for producing agricultural phosphate fertilisers, although the phosphate in it has many other uses for humans too.