open-pit mine job recruitment

CA Mining is experienced in open-pit mining recruitment in Africa and has been placing highly skilled individuals for open-pit mining projects on the continent for 15 years, providing mine sites in multiple African countries with scarce skills in mining. Using our expertise, serve some of the world’s top mining organisations, recruiting highly skilled locals, diaspora, and expats for Open-Pit Mining Jobs of varying seniority levels, across all parts of Africa, including remote Africa. Open-Pit Mining professionals are in demand in mines in Africa. Go to the Mining Recruitment Africa Jobs portal to view the latest Open-Pit Mining Jobs in Africa.

Open-pit mining, also referred to as open-cut, opencast, or surface mining, is a technique used to extract rock or minerals from the earth using an open pit or burrow. Deposits are found near the surface where rope or hydraulic shovels can be used for excavation.