Nkwe Platinum which is a South African-based platinum producer, is preparing for maximised operational mine production by establishing a mechanised mine for its Garatau project.

Establishing a mechanised mine is seen as extremely necessary in this case. In recent times large-scale mechanisation has not been optional, but rather a necessity because of its robust economics and operating efficiencies.

The results post the in-depth exploration and pre-development operations for the Garatau project, estimated to a total resource of 39.94-million ounces of platinum and gold.

An early works programme (EWP) to prepare the project for full-scale mine construction had been designed and work on the water use license, environmental authorisations, main engineering, procurement and construction management contract and block plan was currently under way. During the EWP, the company would finalise water and power supply for construction, complete bulk earthworks and establish a trackless workshop on surface. It has been predicted that the EWP would start in the first quarter of 2015 and be completed by the end of the year.

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