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Namibia is a producer of numerous minerals, including gold, diamonds, zinc, silver, uranium, and more. There are many opportunities and high demand for highly skilled locals, expats, and diaspora in the mining industry in the country. CA Mining’s Executive Search recruitment and Headhunting consultants have extensive experience recruiting qualified candidates for jobs in mine sites in Namibia and closing the gap of scarce skills in the African Mining industry. View our job board for Namibia mining jobs of various seniority levels.

The Republic of Namibia is located in Southern Africa just south of the Sahara. It is also partially covered by two deserts: the Kalahari Desert, and the coastal Namib Desert.

Namibia is famous for being the site of the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei and for Etosha National Park.




Namibian dollar (NAD) and South African rand (ZAR)


2.58 million in 2021

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Mining is the driving force of Namibia’s economy and mined materials are among the country’s top exports, with copper being the biggest export in 2020, followed by gems, ores, and fish.

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