MSA Africa, Minerals Supply Africa Ltd (MSA) is a mineral trading company with an experience of more than 5 years in the mining industry.  Currently MSA has products in development that aren’t released yet which integrate wireless equipment devices for the purpose of gas and flame recognition within mines and industrial plants.

Beginning with installation in less critical areas in process plants, by 2030 there will be a strong movement from fixed-line technology to wireless devices.  As such technology confirms success; mining corporations will begin to position the movement of wireless technology into the areas that are more critical.  There is no risk of interference regarding the utilisation of fixed-line detectors because the screen and signal of such devices are unchanging. With wireless technology the problem lies in the technology being subjected to various problems such as radio frequency and magnetic interferences.

Through the implementation of reliable and stable wireless MSA Africa has established unfailing wireless equipment that can tolerate various and common interferences. There is no doubt in my mind that this technology will be applied in highly serious areas across the mining industry that essentially are well in need of this.

Ultima XP, a gas detector for hydrocarbon discoveries, delivers mining businesses with cautions on processing plants sites when there are low-level gas escapes. With potential staff evacuations in a plant a second alarm level will be conducted and if necessary, tailed by a third alarm level. Engineers agree on the alarm levels and programmed accordingly into the device as a means to warn the plant in harmony with the calculated specifications.

Ultima Gas Detection

For mining companies with processing plants that make use of treacherous chemicals, MSA Africa supplies its gas- and flame- detection systems.

Within the gold processing industry there is a highly poisonous chemical which is utilised namely Cyanide. This is a metallurgical technique for extracting gold from low-grade ore by converting the gold to a water soluble coordination complex. There is no harm with cyanide IF it is used in dry format however; if it should get wet the aftermath is deadly. This is the main reason why MSA Africa is targeting particularly the gold mining industry with its Ultima variety of gas and flame sensors.

The Ultima gas indicator safeguards leakage in a processing plant and ensures that it will be immediately noticed and, therefore, put to a halt. Such devices are fed into a control system network and provide signal-feeding material for the process plant’s control room. All of the above will help optimise plant safety.

Essential for Insurance Purposes

In addition to the process applications or controllers required in the plants, insurance businesses progressively need the mining, industrial and oil and gas industries to apply a gas- and flame-detection system external to process plants, in addition to the process applications or controllers required in the plants.  Should there be a fiasco; the gas- and flame-detection system still needs to be operational to ensure plant safety.

MSA Africa provides outside control systems as part of its gas- and flame-detection solutions