Mozambique Mining Job Recruitment

CA Mining has 15 years of experience as a recruitment expert in Mozambique’s mining sector. Rich in mining and mineral resources, Mozambique has many mining jobs available and a need for skilled individuals. Our consultants specialise in placing highly qualified candidates in mining jobs and projects in Mozambique and bridging the critical skills gap in the country’s mining industry. View our job board which lists the latest Mozambique mining positions, with jobs that range from mid to senior level. 

Mozambique is a southeast African country. It lies along the warm Indian Ocean and Mozambique Channel. 

Its tropical white-sand beaches make the nation a popular tourist destination. Visitors also come to Mozambique for its cuisine, particularly its seafood dishes and famous peri-peri sauce.

Capital: Maputo
Currency: The metical (MZM). Many places in Mozambique also accept USD
Population: 32.16 million in 2021
Exports: Raw aluminium, Coke, coal briquettes, aluminium bars, and petroleum

The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. However, English and various Bantu languages are just some of the other local languages. Most Mozambicans are multilingual.