For far too long the economy of Botswana has been dependent on Diamond Mining, and there is a huge potential in the mining of other mineral resource. The government of Botswana is encouraging investment in this area. The government has passed a Mines and Mineral Act which encourages investors to invest in the exploration of other mineral resources of Botswana. Then there is always an opportunity for the investors to invest in the Diamond mining in Botswana. There are huge diamond reserves present and so with them the opportunity also lies.Botswana currently has a relatively limited primary energy resource and  therefore it largely relies on imports. There is substantial potential in renewable energy sources like solar, which is the most abundant in the country.A large potential lies in the energy sector through the supply of related products, solar panels, energy generating equipment and applicators etc.

Since the early 1990’s the mineral industry of Botswana has conquered the national economy. In particular, diamonds have been the primary factor of the mineral sector since large-scale diamond production began 25 years ago. Most of Botswana’s diamond production was of gem quality, which lead to the country’s position as the world’s leading producer of diamond by value.

Copper, gold, nickel, and soda ash production have also held traditionally significant, through smaller roles in the national economy. In 2005, mining accounted for about 38% of Botswana’s real gross domestic product (GDP), and more than 50% of Government revenues were derived from mining and mineral-processing activity. Much of the increase was credited to higher international mineral prices. Diamond, copper-nickel matte, and gold, in order of value, accounted for most of the increase.

International curiosity in exploration for diamond and base and precious metals is estimated to carry on. The country’s favorable geologic environment, mineral investment climate, low tax rates, and political stability are expected to continue to make Botswana a foreign mineral investment magnet.