Southern Africa contributes to the world’s production of main metals and minerals. The numbers are as follows: 53% of vanadium, 49% of platinum, 40% of chromite, 50% of diamonds and 20% of cobalt. Additional minerals produced in substantial qualities comprise steel, aluminium, brass, copper, lead, tine, zinc, and precious stones.

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Madini Africa brings about investment in African mineral beneficiation, refining industrial conclusions and promoting employment in the minerals processing and metal fabrication industry. Ultimately the most important meaning of this 2-day event is to introduce well qualified investment opportunities to a well-defined set of investors. The event is centered around African countries natural resources and the way by which investment is specifically delivered into the development of mining industrial processing plant at or near the mining site and an additional down-stream value- adding semi finished/complete products derived of the mineral being extracted.


Madini Africa embraces the greater awareness of the opportunities obtainable with regards to creating value add processing and manufacturing operations close or by resource site. Advantages of value add mineral processing (beneficiation) involves the transformation of raw material into a more finished product that can be sold for more.

The 4 stages in beneficiation are:

  • Mining and producing ore or concentrate
  • Converting concentrate into metal or alloy
  • Transforming these metals and allows into a semi-fabricated product
  • Making a finished product.

Benefits of mineral beneficiation comprise amplified sales revenue and a higher influence to the nations GDP, the establishment of additional occupation opportunities, less exposure to fluctuating commodity prices, improved sustainability, and scope for downstream manufacturing hereto not possible.


Mineral beneficiation advantages:

  • Servicing the growing African market for finished mineral products;
  • Production processes are labour intensive, creating many jobs;
  • The development of downstream industries (medical devices, electronics, industrial machinery, tools & equipment)
  • The development of infrastructure and stimulate the construction of roads, housing, and facilities, rendering even more opportunity to SMMEs delivering products or services.

Mineral beneficiation industry needs:

  • Improved skills development and training;
  • Government initiatives to facilitate import replacement;
  • Improved road infrastructure and logistics;
  • Encouraging the adoption of advanced manufacturing and technologies.

Madini Africa aims to bring about the involvement and collaboration of mining houses, industrial manufactures, technology partners, mining professionals, environmental engineering businesses, institutional investors, corporate and project financiers, government and municipal representatives and so much more, to explore the establishment of mineral processing initiatives as suitable to a particular geography i.e. its available set of resources, commercial validity, business prospects, among additional features.  With this, proposed projects are not one size fits all which will result in a better rate of success.