mineral processing jobs in africa

Over the past 15 years, CA Mining has accumulated extensive experience in mining recruitment in Africa and our consultants specialise in sourcing professionals for Mineral Processing Jobs in mining projects of all sizes. We have successfully recruited talent for clients with mine sites around Africa, including harsh and remote regions. Mineral Processing professionals are a key part of the mining process and are in high demand, and CA Mining has an in-depth understanding of the particular skills needed for roles in this field. We have staffed talent with scarce skills for international mining companies and our expertise is proven by our world-class reputation. Locals, diaspora, and expats can find Mineral Processing Jobs by viewing CA Mining’s dedicated Africa job board.

Our team has placed talent in the following Mineral Processing jobs:

Metallurgy jobs
Metallurgy in mining involves extracting minerals from their ores and so is naturally an essential part of the mining process. There are several types of Metallurgy roles in the Mining sector. These include Metallurgist, Metallurgy Foreman, Metallurgy Managers, Process Plant Metallurgists, and Metallurgy Superintendents.

Maintenance roles
Roles in the maintenance area of Mineral Processing include Maintenance Foreman/Managers – Fixed/Process Plant, Maintenance Planners – Fixed/Process Plant, Maintenance Planner. Individuals in these positions ensure the project is properly maintained in order that it can sustain its operations. Other more hands-on roles include Boilermaker and Instrument Technicians, who ensure equipment is maintained.

Mill jobs
When a mineral ore is extracted, it is crushed and then taken to mining mills to be ground down into fine particles. Positions in mills include Mill Foreman, Mill Managers, Mill Supervisors / Superintendents. 

Mineral Processing Plant roles
Roles in mineral processing plants include Process Plant Foreman, Process Plant Managers, Process Plant Superintendents, Process Plant Trainers, Process Shift Supervisors. These individuals all work at different levels of seniority with varying degrees of responsibility for overseeing the running of mineral processing plants.