Mine Support Jobs in africa

CA Mining has 15 years of mining recruitment experience in Africa and we have successfully recruited international talent for numerous Mine Support Staff Jobs in remote and harsh locations around the continent. We have built an excellent reputation with international mining companies needing staffing for their mining projects. This is due to our consultants’ in-depth understanding of what our clients are seeking in candidates and the particular skills and characteristics needed for specific mining roles. Mine Support staff work offsite for mining corporations to ensure their smooth running, and there is high demand for professionals with scarce skills in this area. Highly skilled locals, diaspora, and expats will find Mine Support Jobs by viewing CA Mining’s dedicated Africa job board.

CA Mining has placed talent in the following roles:

Managerial roles in Mine Support include Business Development Manager, Camp Facilities Manager, Human Resource Manager, and Marketing Manager.
Health & Safety Officers
Security Officers
Information Technology Experts
Procurement Professionals