Metallurgist Jobs in Africa

Metallurgists are in high demand; professionals with scarce skills in metallurgy are required for jobs in the mining and steel production industry across Africa, particularly South Africa, the continent’s top steel producer. CA Global has 15 years of mining recruitment experience on the continent, sourcing highly skilled candidates from our wide network of talent for well-salaried Metallurgist Jobs in Africa, including harsh, remote locations in Africa. We have staffed mining projects of all sizes for our various international clients, which include some of the world’s largest mining corporations, and built a world-class reputation as a mining recruiter of choice. Our consultants are specialists in the field and have expertise in sourcing best-fit candidates who meet our clients’ needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the ideal skills needed for Metallurgist Jobs. CA Mining also helps job-seekers, including skilled locals, expats, and diaspora, find Metallurgist Jobs in Africa, and has a dedicated Africa job board with various metallurgy positions.

Metallurgy in mining involves extracting minerals from their ores and so is an essential part of any mining project. There are several types of Metallurgy roles in the Mining sector. These include Metallurgists, Metallurgy Foremen, Metallurgy Managers, Process Plant Metallurgists, Metallurgy Engineers, and Metallurgy Superintendents.

Visit the Mining Recruitment Africa Jobs portal to browse listings of Africa metallurgist jobs, ranging from mid to senior level.