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Kenya lies in East Africa. Perched on the equator, it neighbours five countries, namely Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. It also borders the Indian Ocean.

Kenya is famous for many reasons, but mining is not one of them. In fact, mineral exploration in Kenya is only in the early stages. However, there are still mining jobs available.

Capital: Nairobi
Currency: Kenyan shilling (Ksh)
Official languages: Swahili and English
Primary religion: Christianity
Main mineral resources: Soda ash, iron ore, gold, gemstones, limestone, and talc.

Kenya Economy
One of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, Kenya relies mainly on agricultural exports. These include tea and coffee, as well as fresh flowers to Europe.

Kenya also exports petroleum products, fish, cement, pyrethrum, and sisal. Tourism also contributes hugely to the economy.

Attractions in Kenya
Due to its friendly people, exciting nightlife, and outstanding natural wonders, Kenya is a popular tourist destination.

Must-visit places in Kenya include:

  • The Great Rift Valley, where eight lakes lie, most of them teeming with life 
  • Maasai Mara National Reserve, where you can see The Big Five 
  • The Kenyan coast, which has great snorkeling sites and stunning beaches. In fact, Diani beach in Kenya has been voted Africa’s best beach destination
  • Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-tallest mountain
  • Tsavo National Park
  • Amboseli National Park, which has a view of Mount Kilimanjaro