health & safety jobs in africa

CA Mining specialises in recruiting highly skilled individuals for Health & Safety Jobs in Africa mine sites, including sites in remote and austere regions of the continent. Our consultants specialise in sourcing candidates with crucial skills to address the scarce skills gap in mining in Africa and have a vast knowledge of the competencies required for Health & Safety Jobs in mining. We have developed a large network of clients that include some of the biggest mining companies on the globe and have assisted in placing professionals in mining projects of all sizes. With 15 years of recruitment experience in mining, we have placed professionals for the following Health & Safety Jobs in Africa Mining:

Health & Safety (HSE) Manager
A Health & Safety Manager is in charge of all duties related to the health and safety of mine workers and the safety of a mining environment. They handle risk management, the formation and evaluation of systems of risk management and identification, training employees on HSE functions, recruitment health checks, and more.
Similar positions: Principal of Health & Safety, Senior VP, Safety Officer