At the height of it’s operations, Collinsville coal mine had a capacity of six-million tonnes a year.

Operations were postponed in September 2013 at GlencoreXstrata Collinsville mine in Queensland due to them needing to find different avenues in turning their mining loss around. To date, GlencoreXstrata Collinsville mine is now in full swing production.

GlencoreXstrata Collinsville coal mine had already begun it’s 1 year journey to full production, with the process such as the opencut operations starting this week under a owner operated model, which has led to 400 workers being made redundant. They have implemented substantial changes, which is hoped to reverse 2 years of financial losses at the operation.

A few substantial changes implemented by GlencoreXstrata were;

  • Owner-operated model
  • Introducing larger capacity equipment
  • Overhauling mine plans
  • Addressing restrictions to the preparation plant
  • Finalising workplace practices

An initial workforce of 20 has been deployed to the mine, and there is hope that it will grow to an estimated 250 by year-end. This would include a contract-worker component therefore majority of the 20 start up workforce were other former contract workers or from local communities.

Appreciation was shown on the impact of the mines temporary closure, and the changes implemented are here to give the mine the best possible chance of a long-term future, provide ongoing employment to significant numbers of people, and flow-on benefits to a variety of local businesses and the wider community.

The Collinsville coal mine has officially restarted operations and GlencoreXstrata are pleased to follow through with their commitment to support the local community.


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