With 15 years of experience in recruiting talent for jobs in Geoscience the mining industry across Africa, CA Mining has sourced and placed talent with experience and qualifications in the following roles:

Geologist job titles include Evaluation Geologists, GIS Geologist, Exploration Geologist, and Production / Mining Geologist. Geologists locate and identify mineral resources in mines by studying the interactions between ore formation and geology. They play a key role in mining companies as they help ensure that drilling is carried out in sites of interest.

Resource Estimation Consultants
Professionals in this role are responsible for evaluating the quantities and types of mineral deposits that exist at a mining site.

Geoscience Directors manage all geoscience-related activities in a mining project.

Drilling positions include Reverse Circulation Driller, Directional Driller, Horizontal, Auger and Water Bore Driller, and Diamond Driller. Drillers play an essential part in the mining industry, operating drilling rigs to excavate materials.

CA Mining recruits highly skilled locals, Diaspora, and expatriates for Geoscience jobs in mining companies across Africa. Visit the Mining Recruitment Africa Jobs portal to see recent jobs in Geoscience in Africa, ranging from mid to senior-level positions.