finance professional jobs in africa

The CA Mining team is extremely experienced in recruiting scarce-skill professionals for finance jobs for mining houses and mineral exploration companies in Africa, including remote Africa. Over our 15 years of operation, we have assisted top global mining companies in sourcing best-fit candidates for their mining projects. Our expertise and knowledge of skills and competencies candidates require for specific mining finance roles have earned us a world-class reputation as a mining recruitment organisation. We have placed for the following Finance Jobs in Africa:

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
A CFO essentially runs a company’s financial operations. They perform the primary role in planning, carrying out, and handling the organisation’s financial activities such as forecasting, negotiating, and budgeting.

Financial Directors and Managers
Financial Directors oversee an organisation’s financial operations and report to Chief Financial Officers. Financial Managers work closely with and report to them, presenting analyses and accounting data to them.

Accountants are in charge of managing, tracking, and interpreting a company’s financial records.

Financial Controllers
These professionals supervise and manage a company’s accounting function, ensuring compliance and appropriate record-keeping. 

Auditors perform three types of auditing: internal auditing, external auditing, and Internal Revenue Service auditing. They make sure that corporations are keeping their financial records accurately and that they are compliant with tax laws.

Taxation roles
These include Tax Specialist and Tax Manager jobs. Professionals in these positions join the tax departments of mining companies and have knowledge of areas like Expatriate Tax, Transfer Pricing, and International Tax.

SOX Specialists
SOX Specialists protect shareholders from fraudulent accounting practices in companies, according to the SOX act.

Wealth Managers
These individuals deal with high net-worth clients and dispense financial advice to help them manage their assets.