Environmental Scientist Jobs in Africa

At CA Mining we offer diverse environmental scientist positions in the African Mining industry and place talent with scarce skills in mine sites around the continent, including remote and austere locations. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the skills and proficiency needed in candidates has led us to build a first-class reputation with some of the biggest international mining corporations. We offer a dedicated Africa job board for highly skilled diaspora, locals, and expats who want to find Environmental Scientist Jobs in Africa Mining. With over 15 years of recruitment experience in African mining, to date we have successfully recruited talent for the following environmental scientist jobs:

Hydrogeologists study groundwater in terms of flow, quality, and distribution. They play an essential part in the mineral exploration and mining process as they help to assess the potential environmental impacts of these activities, specifically the impact on groundwater. 

A hydrologist studies the movement of surface water and interactions between surface water and groundwater. They are required in mining projects to assess and identify flooding risks to mine development and operations.

Environmental Impact Assessment Consultants and Environmental Managers
These roles both relate to assessing and overseeing the environmental performance of projects, and the protocol related to this.

Site Contamination Specialists
These practitioners evaluate sites for the existence of contamination, and the nature and extent of it.