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I’m sure we’ve all felt the need to upskill ourselves, whether for our work environment or personally. Now, because we’re in the mining industry, I’ve found a nifty website that hosts numerous courses centered around the mining industry and allows you the opportunity to upskill your barely-there or know-it-all knowledge of the industry which is mining.

Whatever skill set you would like to gain and however you wish to do that, whether it be via online, distance or instructor led courses, EduMine has it all.

Courses are reasonable priced and they have three options available for the mining industry individuals out there. Now, don’t be scared to venture into this as they have basic mining courses to your upper level mining courses.

EduMine cater to all needs of the individuals who make up the mining industry.

The courses that Edumine offer are centered around Mining and Geoscience.

Edumine offers three different platforms on which to conduct your training, they are;

Online course: There are 159 mining courses for online learning and a few of them are; Acid Rock Drainage Prediction, Cyanide in Mining, The Business Case for Cave Mining etc.

Short course (instructor led): There are 222 mining courses for instructor led learning and a few of them are; Bench Face Design in Rock, Analysis of Mining Financials, The Evolving Image of Mining etc.

Live webcasts (distance learning): There are 28 mining courses for distance learning and a few of them are; Tailings Management 101, Mine Project Economics, Mining 101 etc.

For us busy mining industry individuals, there is the option of doing the Live webcast courses or the online course. I don’t have any personal experience with mining courses but if you are feeling a tiny bit skeptical, you’re allowed to sign up for a free trial – if you are interested in signing up for a free trial, you can do so by clicking here.

If you want to read more about the EduMine mining courses, you can visit their website EduMine.

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