What industry do you work in and what exactly are your skills?

I work in the Mining and Exploration Industries but have also worked in the Manufacturing environment. Major skills are continuous improvement initiatives to increase production recoveries and reduce costs. Other skills relate to challenges that allow my role to initiate incentives and goals that will take the company to the next level and levels thereafter.

 What inspired you to get into this sort of industry?

I came from a family of engineers and mining professionals which sparked my thirst for technical knowledge however, I needed to see the end result and how it could be improved upon from a financial gain and growth factor for an entity. Thus said, I studied Finance and used my technical background to learn more about such operations and find ways that I could make positive improvements, be it from an investment perspective, technical, or in people management to improve their skills.

What qualifications and experience did you have to gain In order to establish yourself and therefore become a professional within your industry?

I studied a CIMA and CIS course as well as Lean Management but also ensured that I got involved in the physical operations that would give me the required knowledge and understanding on how to approach the business rather than pushing numbers in an office and not understanding what was happening on the ground. This required involvement with people and building trust in key relationships amongst peers and colleagues alike.

What is the most challenging aspect within your field of work?

Most challenging as been the development of start up operations in remotes sites, that called upon logistical input at professional level.

How do you manage and overcome these challenges?

Understanding, communication and trust. By reviewing different options that will give the better achievement of desired goals and cost efficiencies that will increase growth and development and sustainability.

What has been the highlight of your career?

My career high light has been going from a Greenfields operation to a General Manager level and CFO level of an operating Mining Company, however the greatest reward was when I managed to save the company millions of dollars through input from myself that was backed by years of experience and development.

If somebody starts as a trainee / beginner within your line of work, what could they earn in salary when they start off as?

As an expatriate, earnings would range from 120 000 USD net pa to 180 000 USD net pa, depending on site situations. Within the home country salaries at beginner entry could be anywhere between, R400 000 ctc pa to R750 000 ctc pa – considerably far less than working offshore.

What can this person expect to earn (It doesn’t have to be an exact figure, a rough guide is sufficient) after 10 years of experience?

Nothing less than 250 000 USD net pa as an expat or R2 000 000 ctc local salary.

Who is your role model and why?

Richard Branson because he has great visions and achievements by being positive and willing to take the risk, good business skills. Also Barrack Obama has great ability to foster motivational communication and strive to serve a better world in which every person is motivated to improve their situations, countries and a society where we all work together and support each other no matter where you come from.

What motivates you to work this hard?

I would say the joys of seeing that you have created positive changes and have put smiles on people’s faces.

What is your outlook within your industry over the next 5 years?

Over the next five years the industry will face some real hard challenges globally and will have to adapt to changes between the Western world and that of the Eastern Asian demands combined with climatic economic changes and global outlook on our environment we live in, future of the earth and its sustainability.

As you know, numerous African countries are being invested in due to their rich minerals. Which country within Africa do you think will be the next hot spot and why?

The Central African Republic, DRC and Zambia are unexplored countries that have major resources but due to political climates were not accessible. Once this has been settled and the doors have been opened I am sure there will be vast growth in those countries that will benefit the whole of Africa, and the world.

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