Freddy Yanny Ruauw 


What industry do you work in and what exactly are your skills?

I work within the field of steel construction,mining, fabrication and repair heavy equipment.

What inspired you to get into this sort of industry?

What motivated me to enter this industry was the knowledge that I could make a living through working hard, developing and being part of the progress found in this industry / line of work.  

What qualifications and experience did you have to gain In order to establish yourself and therefore become  a professional  within your industry?

I had to achieve several qualifications and a few of them are certificates regarding offshore welder, maintenance welder and foreman welder. My welder skills:

  • FCAWgs
  • FCAWss
  • GMAW carbon steel wire
  • SMAW

What is the most challenging aspect within your field of work?

To maintain the development of my skills and knowledge in this competitive industry that I am part of.

How do you manage and overcome these challenges?

I manage these challenges by surrounding myself with a working team comprised of highly qualified members and by always adhering to the rules of the company.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Achieving the duty and role of a foreman welder.

If somebody starts as a trainee / beginner within your line of work, what could they earn in salary?

Roughly USD 2500.

What motivates you to work this hard?

To live a good life, be independent and develop myself to full potential. 

As you know, numerous African countries are being invested in due to their rich minerals. Which country within Africa do you think will be the next hot spot and why?

For many reasons I would say the next hot spot for Africa would be South Africa. South Africa comprises diverse commodities and has a great economy.