Coal Mine Job Recruitment

Coal is a dominant energy source in many African countries and coal mining continues to be a thriving industry on the continent. Due to this, there is high demand for scarce skills in the Africa coal mining sector, and mines are seeking out qualified locals, Diaspora, and expatriates for various positions. With 15 years of experience as a recruitment company in this field, CA Mining offers consultants who are experts in recruiting talent for coal mine positions in Africa. Go to the Mining Recruitment Africa Jobs portal to view coal mining jobs across various levels of seniority.

South Africa is the largest coal producer in Africa and one of the largest in the world, producing 250 million tonnes of the fossil fuel a year. Coal is the country’s primary energy source. Other countries on the continent with considerable coal reserves (although much smaller than South Africa’s) include Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and Tanzania.

Over a decade ago, Kenya discovered fairly sizeable coal deposits in two of its regions, and there are plans for Kenya to adopt coal as one of its energy sources by 2040. However, this is being contested due to social and environmental concerns.