CA MINING: Your Africa Recruitment Team; time to break it down

It is officially the second last week of the business year, things are slowing down a bit and the BEST news – We are having our Christmas Year-End function tonight! Whoop! Whoop! We are having a masquerade ball and it will be held at the ever popular Newbie Bowls.

This is just a quick fun run-down on the people who make up the CA Mining Africa Recruitment Team.

The CA Mining Africa Recruitment Team is made up of 8 awesome, inspiring individuals

  • Myself (Athena Japhta)CA Mining Team
  • Richard Christer
  • Leanne Laas
  • Irene Eleftheriou
  • Ashleigh Hurwitz
  • Aabida Davis
  • Nicky da Silva
  • Vivienne Gower

Athena Japhta – I hate talking about myself but I’ll try…..I’m tiny and quiet, until you get to know me and then it’s crazy lady all the time!

Richard Christer – He is the APLHA MALE of the team. Well, he is the ONLY male in the team, so I guess that sums it up.

Leanne Laas – Leanne is the mother of the group. If you need anything, and I mean ANYTHING; she is the person to speak to.

Irene Eleftheriou – Irene is the weirdest of the bunch. Very random and has her moments of total madness, where you never know what she’ll say or do next.

Ashleigh Hurwitz – Ashleigh is the youngest of the bunch and is affectionately known as Ash. She is health conscience and always poking fun at others and is strikingly beautiful (no make-up required).

Aabida Davis – Aabida is the crazy one.  Always saying something funny and making everyone laugh, most of the time at her and not her jokes.

Nicky da Silva – Nicky is one of the bright sparks of the team. Always up for a laugh, and always chatting.

Vivienne Gower – Vivienne, or Viv, as she is affectionately known is the big boss and not at all like the bosses in the movies (see, Devil wears Prada). She is loads of fun, yet also serious(YAY, free breakfasts and lunches)

That’s it folks! That is the (fun) description of the CA Mining Africa Recruitment Team in a nutshell. Expect a more in depth serious blog in future!