CA MINING AFRICA RECRUITMENT TEAM | Getting ready for the recruitment of mining jobs for 2014

Wherever you might be I hope you’ve had a well deserved break and a joyous holiday, even if it was super short 😉 So it’s officially the first week back at work and I am ready for action! I haven’t fully embraced that it is 2014 though, I’m still living in the year of 2013…however I’m sure by the time this BUSY Monday is over I will know that this is a new year with lots to accomplish! Mining jobs for 2014 are going to make this year an exciting one for all of our job seekers so send us your updated CV to is my first blog post for 2014 and I am excited to start blogging FULL TIME, with the help of my blogger pal, Zoe Mandalios.

With the entire CA Mining Africa Recruitment Team back at their desks and working hard, it won’t take long before we’re in the swing of things, putting our head down and doing what we do best; recruiting the best candidates for the best mining jobs for 2014!

Mining Jobs for 2014…exciting and busy times ahead

mining jobs for 2014With increased mining jobs for 2014, hard work and highly skilled mining consultants, this is going to be a year where we all here at CA Global Headhunters, grow as a company and as individuals. So what does this mean for you? It is this kind of growth that will allow us to provide the best possible services to both of our clients and candidates world-wide.

With 8 individuals in the CA Mining Africa Recruitment Team, we have a wide range of experience, skills and knowledge in the fields we individually specialize in, and with the start of a new year, come new opportunities and new challenges which the CA Mining Africa team is all too well-equipped to handle.


So from the CA Mining team we wish you nothing but success and prosperity!

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