Anglo American gearing to set up trading arm

Anglo American is considered to be one of the most diversified mining groups who have recently surprised the mining market when it ended 2013 on a high note.

Anglo American experienced strong increases in iron ore, copper, coal and platinum production and long-suffering investors rewarded it, as Anglo American shares remain at 28%.

Anglo American wishes to differentiate itself from its iron ore independent peers by introducing cost cutting, rationalization and renewed profit growth focus

Being a broad diversified mining company, Anglo American has placed a strong focus on operating performance and knows that there is great room for improvement in the future by adding value to their commercial side and pushing their assets to their fullest potential.

Anglo American has had a complete overhaul in its sales operations and by consolidating their mine export and marketing offices. Due to the success of this overhaul, Anglo American has created a new commercial unit and the hope is that it will add an amount of $400m to the company profile by the year 2016.

Anglo American plans on selling the company output (which consists of; coal, platinum and iron ore) and wishes to adopt the strategies used by other big commodity houses.

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